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Top 10 European Countries to Visit


Do you want to spend your vacations at Europe? And you are looking forward to have some guide-line. Then you must read this article, we assure to help you to have a fantastic trip ahead. Europe is considered to be the home of most interesting and fascinating destinations in the world. Traveling will make you feel good and lighter than ever before and best decision of places to be visited is very important.

Everyone spends money and time on traveling, but all goes wasted when they don’t get what they want. It’s really disappointing and sad. So, you must have information of the place you are going to visit. There are ten best places at Europe, worth visiting. These places include France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, England, Greece, Norway, Spain and Scotland.  There is a famous saying by Hans Christian Anderson, “Travel is to live”. So, keep traveling to live!

1. France

Top 10 European Countries to VisitThere are so many reasons that France is the country with the highest number of visitors per year. It’s not only liked but also visited by many people with families and friends. The reason it has a lot of recreations such as film festivals, fashion, climate, food and a lot more to make it wonder full. The biggest attraction of world is Eiffel tower; people love to visit this city of love.

2. Germany

Top 10 European Countries to VisitThe west has got much big cities and great architecture but the architecture you will see in Germany is matchless. It has great historic architecture as well as new modern civilizations. Germany has the biggest rollercoaster of the world in the third biggest theme park. It will be great to visit such a marvelous city. It’s rich in both modern and old cultures. It has beautiful Alps and amazing castles. A person with interest in history must visit this country.

3. Italy

Top 10 European Countries to VisitItaly is a versatile country. It has the richest history in Europe if not in the world. It has the highest number of UNESCO heritage sites in the world. The people of Italy are very friendly and loving. The only problem there is, they are just close minded in some aspects. Otherwise you will have a great experience with them. It is located at the heart of Mediterranean sea, giving it more places to visit.  It’s a leading country in industry and exports.

4. Netherlands

Top 10 European Countries to VisitNetherlands is known as the friendliest country of the world. People of Netherlands are caring, loving and open-minded. They have an amazing culture with a versatile history. Architecture of the country is must see! Deventer is small but of the oldest city in Europe, any visitor going to Netherlands must go there too.  This country has a dominant culture by nature and cities both. You will have an amazing tourism there.

5. Switzerland

Top 10 European Countries to VisitSwitzerland is a mountainous country at central Europe. If you want to see a posh and clean region then go to Switzerland, the only one of its kind in Europe. Everything in this country is so upper class and beautiful. It is a beautiful green country. It has beautiful lands, sceneries, and most importantly friendly people. Swiss Alps, Lake Geneva and Jungfrau are the best attractions of Switzerland.

6. England

Top 10 European Countries to VisitEngland is a world famous country due to many reasons. England has a great country side to visit, and with its very unpredictable weather it becomes a great experience. It has an interesting history with amazing attractions. These attractions include the London eye, the tower of London, Buckingham palace, Stonehenge and national gallery. This country has many amazing cities just like Liverpool, Manchester. And it also has university centers of Cambridge and oxford that adds more value to this country. The people from all over the world travel to England to enjoy their vacations. All sites there are worth visiting.

7. Greece

Top 10 European Countries to VisitGreece is famous for its historical background and places. People who love to know about history go there every year. It has long and detailed history which may take years of a person’s life to learn all by heart. If we talk about lands, it has gorgeous islands and beautiful beaches. The sunset at Greece is famous all over in the world because of its 8 turning colors. It gives the real feeling of nature and its beauty. Its people are great and fun loving, you can never get bore even if you are traveling alone. The water in Greece is cleanest even you can see your face in it.

8. Norway

Top 10 European Countries to VisitNorway is the most beautiful country of the world. It has beautiful lightening display on the sky. It is the greatest attraction for visitors. People only come from all over the world just to see these lights. It is the country famous for food and versatile culture. The people of Norway are very fun loving and friendly if you get to know them. It is a lot to see their and to visit. Its lands are majestic and mountains are amazing, once if someone has visited them, he will never be able to forget these places. It has jaw-dropping landscapes and is crisscrossed by slow streams are best to visit.

9. Spain

Top 10 European Countries to VisitSpain is situated near African coast. It has a lot of attractions for tourists that includes Teide, Siam Park, Gran Canaria, Loro Parque, Timanfaya National Park and a lot more. People of Spain are so friendly and treat visitors as they are one from them. It’s a must visit country.

10. Scotland

Top 10 European Countries to VisitScotland covers the northern third island of Great Britain. The most famous places of Scotland are Edinburgh Castle, Royal and ancient Golf club. It has a history in Golf, at the first time golf was played there in 1400s. The sky looks so beautiful at time of dawn and dusk. Everyone should visit this amazing country.


Traveling costs money, and money should be spent of something that deserves. A visitor has complete right to know about the places he is going to see. Getting knowledge of the place you are going is best thing, and then you will be confident about having a great visit.

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