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10 Things to Do In Paris


Things to Do In Paris

Do you want to visit a place soothing eyes and making you feel relax? Then you must go visit Paris. A land of fashion and dreams, place where you can find everything. It’s a major political and cultural center in Europe. It is referred as “the most romantic place” on the earth. It’s a unique major city of the country known for love, fashion, art and something fantastic.

Not only Eiffel tower but there are so many fun spots for you to stop by there and enjoy. You can never feel the essence until you are there. Paris has got great places to visit which includes palaces of Versailles, the louvre museum, the orsay museum, Opera de Paris and many more places to see. This article covers the best ten places to be seen at Paris, you will enjoy reading and the visiting too. Paris is just a lovely place!

1. The Palace of Versailles

The Palace of VersaillesThe first place to be discussed is The Palace of Versailles; has got 250 acres of landscape and manicured lands and lawns. This palace is famous about the huge number of windows which it has. It has 2,143 windows. The palace has 5 chapels in it and one of them was made in 1700s. It’s so special and ancient place to see. You can get your Paris pass there and visit most of the places of Paris for free.

2. Bateaux Parisiens River Cruise

Bateaux Parisiens River Cruise Shining Rivers always gives a relaxing essence to souls. It calms your eyes and makes your mental health improve. Seine river is so huge that it has 30 bridges over it. The view will make you forget all worries and issues, and will push you in an imaginary world. This sight will be adding extra pleasure in your tour.

3. Arc De Triomphe

Arc De TriompheThe Arc De Triomphe is the place where you can enjoy the sunset. It is 50m high from the city, you can enjoy the most beautiful views of Paris. This Triomphe is a master piece designed ny French Sculpture experts. This monument was built in the memory of those soldiers who lost in different wars at that time. Inside the Arch Pillars the names of those soldiers are engraved. It’s a beautiful and enchanting monument you will ever see.

4. Louvre Museum

Louvre MuseumPeople like to see ancient things that belong to the generations who passed before them, a museum is the house of all fine arts and unique belongings of ancient people. The Louvre Museum Paris is known for having the most unique art work of the world. It includes classic works from Mona Lisa to Venus de Milo. According to numbers it has 380,000 objects from pre-history to the twenty first century with 35,000 artworks at over 8 departments. It’s a great place for art lovers.

5. Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral One of the best examples of Gothic Architecture is Notre Dame Cathedral. It was built in 14th century, with its gargoyles and stained glass windows. Now, it is one of the most recognized churches in the world. If you have a Paris Pass, you can enjoy this place for free. Cathedral has its own beauty and atmosphere, by being there you will feel yourself as to be in another world. Its great organ is still the biggest one in France and known for its unquestionable beauty.

6. Les Caves du Louvre

Les Caves du LouvreYou will be amazed to know that French are the highest consumers of wine that is 60lt per person. It’s the highest amount that anyone can ever imagine. If you are a wine lover too, you must go at this place to see new varieties of wine and flavors. Discover the regions of wine production at Paris. Moreover they offer optional cheese platters for even more of a gastronomic experience. is the magical place; you will remember it ever and would wish to go there again and again. You can use the advance booking services for your ease.

7. Orsay Museum

Orsay Museum If you want to see the impressionist and pre-impressionist art of the world then Orsay Museum is the perfect place at Paris for this purpose.  It has 35,000 meter square glass making up the vault of the museum. This Orsay station has also been the head station of railway in the past. This place is also known as the first art gallery of photography is France. It has a lot if historic memories and history always fascinates human beings. History and remaining of past time are the things which give one the feel of life before him.

8. Montparnasse Tower

Montparnasse TowerBesides Eiffel Tower, Paris has another tower named Montparnasse Tower. It’s famous for its unquestionable beauty and charisma. It has a modern glass terrace with unrestricted views across the city. The sunset from here is so breathtaking that one will feel as being to another world with the sun. The thing you will enjoy the most is the view from 56th floor. There is the highest restaurant of Europe, you can eat there and replenish your energy.

9. Opera de Paris

Opera de ParisThe must see place at Paris, which you are going to miss after trip and you will remember this place forever. It is the Opera de Paris. It was made in nineteenth century and till now, it is the most known and recognized opera from Paris. It has a seven tones chandelier which is made of pure bronze and crystal. It has an impressive stage and theatre place. After its construction, many buildings were constructed inspirationally.

10. Grevin Wax Museum

Grevin Wax Museum Grevin Wax Museum is a hall of mirrors and a world of lights. You will see the real delight here. Here comes the super star singers, you can enjoy them live. Celebrate the best moments of Paris visit here. Universal exhibitions held here every year, you can also grab a chance to be a part. Enjoy your level the best!


We all want a trip to soothe our muscles and brain. Just some days away from work to enjoy the little things of life. Paris is the place where you will everything for a perfect recreation. It is full of joy, leisure and happiness. You can enjoy your life here.

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