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Biography: Sanam Saeed Weds to Her Childhood Friend


Sanam Saeed Biography

Truly a multi talented actress, model and singer “Sanam Saeed” was born in U.K on 2nd February 1985. She has spent her early childhood there in U.K and when she was six her whole family returned back to Pakistan. Having returned back to Pakistan, her family decided to live in Karachi (the city of lights) and this was where she completed her schooling, college and also the formal education of acting in the college of L’Ecole.

Sanam Saeed is not the only in her family who is involved in showbiz, two of her sisters have also been working in drama industry. She started her career at very early age (she was just 16) and Sanam did theatres (still she loves all about theatres). Not only that; she has done singing too as Chicago and Mama Mila back in 2007, 2009. When it comes to modeling Sanam brought that to perfection as well. She won the best model award of L’Oreal Paris Award.

Sanam has also done stand up comedy but whenever she is asked about what she likes the most her vote is always for theatres. Sanam Saeed has been active in Pakistani showbiz industry since 2001 but she got some real fame after her serial “Zindagi Gulzaar Hai” (aired on HUM TV back in 2012). That serial alone put her into the new heights of fame. Currently, she is working on some film projects as well (going to be released in 2016 and 17).

Sanam Saeed Education

Sanam Saeed selfie
Sanam Saeed selfie

She was just six when her whole family returned back to Pakistan. Sanam went to attend Bay view High School Karachi and she did O’level from the same school. From L’Ecole College she completed her A’level. Her passion for acting and modeling was from her early age and she showed her talents in school and college as well. In order to get the formal education of theatre and film she decided to enroll herself in BNU College Lahore and from there she got her bachelor’s degree. So she is amongst one of very few actresses in Pakistan who has got formal education of filming and theatres. Through extensive educational background she has placed herself as a successful personality in showbiz industry.

Sanam Saeed Wedding

Unlike many other showbiz personalities, Sanam Saeed has never been associated with any of the serious scandals. Her Childhood friend “Farhan Hassan” is the person she really admires and they married on January the 2nd in 2015. After getting married, Sanam decided to take a little rest from her busy schedule. The couple was very happy to finally knot their ties together as it was their long time dream came true. Sanam is living a very prosperous marital life and came back in the industry with full energy again.

Sanam Saeed and Sarwat Gillani

In Pakistani showbiz industry, there have very few friendships which can truly be quoted. But the case is totally different with Sanam Saeed as she is a friend of another veteran actress of Pakistan “Sarwat Gillani”. Their friendship has gone through all phases but they have proved themselves stronger. In many shows, they both can be seen together enjoying and there have been some projects as well where these two friends have worked alongside with each other.

Sanam Saeed Dramas

The drama career of Sanam Saeed took a start in the year 2009 when she played a side role alongside with “Sanam Baloch”. Then in the same year, Sanam starred against Imran Abbas (another famous Pakistani TV Actor) in the serial named “Mera Naseeb”, that was her first serial in which she played the leading role. The year 2012 came as a good fortune in her life when she played a lead role against “Fawad Khan” in the serial “Zindagi Gulzar hai” (aired on HUM TV).

She played the role of Kashaf who belonged to the humble background. Another successful serial by Sanam came in the same year 2012 when she played the lead role in the serial “Talkhiyan”. In this serial, she played the role of Syrian Christian lady. Then in the year 2013 Sanam played relatively a different role in the mystery serial “Kadoorat”, in this serial she appeared against Junaid Khan.

In the year 2014 Sanam did appear in the serial “Firaaq” (aired on HUM TV), and “Diyar e Dil” in the year of 2015. In the coming year or so her fans are going to watch her more serials as she vows to continue her acting career. According to some sources she has been the most valuable actress in recent past and she truly deserves this.

Sanam Saeed Movies

In the current year of 2016 Sanam saeed is going to be seen on big screens worldwide. Her debut film “Bachaana” is scheduled to be released in this year (2016). She has played the role of Aalia in this film and it has almost been completed. Sanam’s second film “Mah-e-Meer” in which she played a role of Naina Kanwal is also in the post-production phase and scheduled to be released in 2016 as well. Not only this but her other film projects are also in the production phase like “Dobara phir se”, “Rehm” and “Azad”. These are the films in which fans will be seeing her in the upcoming year.

Sanam Saeed In Bollywood

The debut of Sanam Saeed in Bollywood has been with her very first film anywhere “Bachaana”. In which she is going to stare opposite to “Mohib Mirza”. This is going to be released in 2016. In India she is very much recognized because of her serial “Zindagi Gulzar hai” (which was also aired in India). So she has a lot of friends in India as well.

Sanam Saeed In Morning Shows

She is very fond of giving interviews and that’s why there are so many morning shows which Sanam has attended so far. In one of the most popular morning shows “Jago Pakistan Jago” (hosted by Sanam Jung on HUM TV) and she talked about her acting career also her experience in theatres. Fans like to see her on TV and she is also aware of this fact

Sanam Saeed Interviews

While giving an interview she revealed that there was none before her in previous generations who were involved in the showbiz industry. She admires her parents and whole family to always support her in every sort of situation and that support has always been deriving force in her life.


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