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Sajal Ali Got Engaged to Feroze Khan (Not Married Yet)


Sajal Ali Biography

one of the exciting actresses of Pakistan Sajal Ali was born in the city of Lahore on 17th of January 1994. According to the zodiac calendar, she is Capricorn and that surely reflects her personality. Sajal belonged to the family where no one before her was actually interested in making the career in showbiz but she changed the tradition and did it. Her sister Saboor Ali is also an actress and they have healthy competition always to perform better than the other.

She spent her childhood in the city of Lahore where she got education and acting was never her passion but it all happened accidentally when she went to Karachi and gave an audition back in 2009. That was the turning point of her life as she got selected and played the side role for the very first time in the super hit comedy serial “Naadanyaan”. After that she never looked back and gradually the number of drama serials for her is increasing by each year as she has become the most favorite actresses for the directors.

Sajal Ali Education

Sajal Ali selfie
Sajal Ali selfie

Sajal Ali received her early education from the local institutions of Lahore and she was a bright student back then and the study was the only objective in her life. After matriculation, she went on to join the college but Sajal could not continue further because of her acting career but according to her, the education is the most important part of anyone’s life no matter what you are doing.

Sajal Ali Wedding

Sajal Ali and Feroze Khan got engaged, but not married yet. While, both Sajal Ali and Feroze Khan has starred in one of the serials “Chup Raho” as a husband and wife. Their pics are trending on net that they have got married, but such pics are not of their marriage, even those pics of are Feroze Khan’s sister Dua Malick’s wedding in which both Sajal and Feroze Khan attended.

Sajal Ali and Sana

as a matter of fact Sajal has so many friends in showbiz industry but when it comes to the best friend then she has got her age old friend “Sana”. They had been together since the childhood and their friendship has just strengthened after sajal joining the drama industry. They are frequently seen together in many places as well.

Sajal Ali Dramas

The emerging actress of Pakistan “Sajal Ali” made her acting debut with the comedy super hit serial “Naadanyan” back in 2009 in which she played the side role. She had to wait for two more years to get back into the acting when Sajal got her first ever leading role in the serial “Mehmoodabad kia malkain” (aired on ARY DIGITAL). In that very first major serial, she played the character of Afreen Zahid and that was very much appreciated by critics and the fans.

Her very second serial was “Mastaana mahi” in which she was playing “Suhaai” and that serial aired on HUM TV and got very much popular in a short period of time. The year 2011 brought her fame as she appeared in almost half a dozen of serials and most of them were hit. The serial “meray Qatil Meray dildaar” was most probably the most hit serial of Sajal Ali in the year 2011 and it was also aired on HUM TV. “Meri Ladli”, “Ahmed Habib ki Betyan”, “Chandni” were the serials in the same year of 2011. She started her career with the serial “Mohabbat jaye bhar main” (aired on HUM TV) and Sajal played the role of Neeli in that.

Sitamgar aired back in 2012 on HUM TV and she played the role of Zoya in that. The start of the year 2013 brought her new fames of height with the popular serial “Qudussi sahib ki bewa” (aired on ARY digital). That was a comedy serial and got positive reviews from the fans all over the Pakistan. The next successful serial by Sjjal Ali was “Goahre Nayab” and this time, she played the role of Gohar and she was really much appreciated on her performance.

In the same year of 2013, she starred in a couple of more serials like “kitni girhain baki hain”, “Aasmanon pay likha” and “sanaata” were of them. In 2014, sajal continued her progress as she appeared in many serials in this year as well. “Kahani Raima Aur Manahil ki” and “Chup Raho” are two great performances given by her. The year 2015 has been really much good for her professionally as sajal got the leading role in the serial “Gul e Rana” and she justified the character assigned to her really well.

Sajal Ali Movies

Well, Sajal has not yet made the debut in films but she has managed to appear in many telefilms. “Behadd” was one of her best telefilms in which she was starring as Maha (that telefilm aired on HUM TV).

Sajal Ali In Bollywood

Currently, sajal is just focused on her drama career and she thinks that this is not the right time for her to sign any Bollywood film. But her fans would certainly like to see her in Bollywood let’s see when that happens.

Sajal Ali In Morning Shows

Sajal Ali is an actress who likes being in the limelight and that’s the reason she is seen on various popular morning shows to promote her serials. She appeared with the cast of “Chup Raho” back in 2014 in Good Morning Pakistan (a morning show of ARY digital) and they discussed their serial and personal life. Sajal also presents as a guest with the cast of another serial in a morning show hosted by Sanam Baloch on HUM TV. She is a frequent visitor of morning shows no doubt about that and her fans just love this.

Sajal Ali Interviews

When she was asked how her acting career actually took a start, in reply she said that that was just an incident as from nowhere she got selected in an audition for the drama serial and that was the start of her acting serial. If not an actress then what she would be? Politician! As they also need expertise on acting.

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