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Mahnoor Baloch Daughter and Her Age Difference


Mahnoor Baloch Biography

One of the veteran actresses of Pakistan “Mahnoor Baloch” was actually born in U.S on 14th of July 1970. She just turned 45 and according to zodiac calendar she is cancer. Mahnoor lived with her family in U.S and she spent her most of the childhood time in a foreign country. She received her early education from the local institutes of U.S then her family returned back to Pakistan and settled in Karachi.

Mahnoor got married very early as she was just 15 at the time of her marriage. She started her showbiz career as a model then she turned herself into an actress. After performing in many serials mahnoor finally decided to test her mettle in the direction field and for the time being she has been producing quality dramas as a director.

Mahnoor Baloch Education

Mahnoor Baloch and Qasim Yar Tiwana selfie
Mahnoor Baloch and Qasim Yar Tiwana selfie

She has got her primary education from U.S then her whole family returned back to Pakistan and got settled in the city of Karachi where she continued. But due to her marriage at the early age she could not pursue her education more and did bachelor’s privately.

Mahnoor Baloch Wedding

The marriage of Mahnoor baloch took place a way back when she was just 15 years old with her cousin “hamid Siddique”. They have a daughter (laila) and now she is almost 25 years old. The relationship of Mahnoor Baloch and Hamid Siddique is of unique nature as there are very few showbiz personalities to have such a nice relationship for that long period of time and they both feel proud on this as well.

Mahnoor Baloch Dramas

Mahnoor Baloch made her debut way bakcin 1993 with the PTV serial (directed by Sultana Siddique) “Marvi” and that drama serial actually led the foundation of her bright future in the drama industry of Pakistan. Then after that debut serial she got a long break of almost 5 years or so but when she returned back in the year 1999 she performed in 6 drama serial let alone in that year.

“Lamhay” was her first serial after that long pause and she was more groomed this time as an actress. She had to wait for a while to become famous and it was the PTV serial “Doosra Aasman” in which she played the role of “Abid Ali’s” daughter. Then in the same year, Mahnoor Baloch appeared in other serials as well like “shiddat”, “Unhoni”, “Sila”, “Kabhi Kabhi Pyar Main”. The drama career of mahnoor Baloch has been on and off as she again took a break of 3 years only to return back with the successful serial of that time “Chaandni Raatein” in which she starred as Maha opposite to “Javaid Sheikh”.

And in the same year of 2002 she appeared in many other hit serials as well, “Ye Zindagi”, “Patjhar ki chaon”, “Jaane Kyun”, “Ab ghar jaane do”. The serial which could be regarded as the most successful serial done by Mahnoor Baloch came in 2009 when she played the role of “noorulain aneez” in the serial “Noor poor ki rani”. That serial was liked by the fans of Mahnoor Baloch and earned her a lot of fame as well.

Then in recent past, she has done a couple of good roles as she has played the central role in the sequel of the serial “Mera Saeen 2” (aired back in 2012). Her successful performance came in the same year of 2012 when she performed in “Ishq Ibadat”. Mahnoor Baloch has appeared in a couple of series in the year 2014 “Pachtava” and “pal main ishq pal main nahi” and they both got the huge fan following all across the Pakistan.

Mahnoor Baloch Movies

The debut of Mahnoor Baloch in the films was very late though as she was given a role of “Sara” in the successful film of Pakistan “main hoon shahid Afridi”. That film was produced by Humayun Saeed and direction was done by Syed Ali Raza Usama. And that film was a success in box office as well. Mahnoor baloch is amongst very few actresses to have been part of Hollywood film as she starred in the same year of 2013 in the film “Torn”. She played the role of a mother of victim of terrorism. Mahnoor baloch hasn’t appeared in any of the films in recent past.

Mahnoor Baloch In Bollywood

Mahnoor Baloch made her debut long time ago in 1993 and after doing couple of roles she got offers from Bollywood but due to her lack of interest in films in her early days she didn’t respond positively. Currently she has appeared in films of Pakistan and Hollywood as well and fans should not get disappointed as she could also be very seen very soon in Bollywood film as well.

Mahnoor Baloch In Morning Shows

Two years back Mahnoor Baloch appeared with “Adnan Siddique” in one of the most popular morning shows of Pakistan hosted by “snaam baloch” in good morning Pakistan. They talked about their latest project and the personal life. Mahnoor baloch has been seen in many other morning shows as well like she was invited as a guest on Nadia Khan’s show and shaista lodhis morning show. Her fans love to watch her and want to know more about her.

Mahnoor Baloch Interviews

while giving an interview she answered the question of what is important in actor’s life, respect or money. She straightforwardly went on to choose respect because according to her that matters a lot for any human being rather than the money. Further talking about her early days Mahnoor baloch added that she had started her acting career after getting married.


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