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Biography: Shaista Lodhi With Her Second Husband


Shaista Lodhi Biography

One of the leading morning show hosts “Shaista Lodhi” (aka Shaista Wahidi) was born in the city of Karachi on 26th of November 1977. She is Sagittarius according to her zodiac sign and she actually possesses the traits of this sign. Her parents (Ali Gohar Lodhi and Roshan Taj Lodhi) raised her and three brothers in a strict environment. Her descendants migrated from India at the time of partition and they came to settle in Karachi.

She is the only daughter while her three brothers (Amir, Tahir and Sahir Lodhi) in whom one of them is a TV presenter as well (Sahir Sodhi). Shaista Lodhi received her early education from Karachi and since childhood, she wanted to become a doctor (she achieved her dream later on). While getting an education, she also participated in extra circular activities where she learned how to present herself. Just after completing her MBBS in the year 2000 she became active in the showbiz industry in the year 2001.

Shaista is considered to be a veteran TV presenter and host as she has hosted many shows in several entertainment channels of Pakistan. Shaista Lodhi has been involved in controversy as well while presenting a show and she had to leave Pakistan because of life threats. Then she came back after a little break and started hosting a show but that difficult time has taught her a very nice lesson. Currently she is living in Karachi with her kids and Shaista Lodhi is very much optimistic about her future in hosting.

Shaista Lodhi Education

Shaista Lodhi selfie with Junaid Khan PSL
Shaista Lodhi selfie with Junaid Khan while supporting Zalim – PSL

Shaista lodhi attended the “Habib Public School” (karachi) where she got her early education. After that she went to attend “Bahria College” and this is where Shaista Lodhi earned her matriculation. In her school days, she was a bright student and she had the passion for presenting herself in different challenges. After completing matriculation, she went to obtain her F.Sc degree from Govt. College for women. Most of the people just forget that Shaista Lodhi is an MBBS doctor and she did her MBBS from Sindh medical college.

In the year 2000, she completed her medicine degree and then for a little period of time she practiced it as well. Shaista Lodhi has always enojoyed the privilege she gets being the only sister of three brothers and she has been supported throughout her career by her family. While studying medicine she met with her future husband “Waqar Wahidi”. She didn’t practice medicine for so long as she just jumped into the showbiz industry after getting MBBS degree. Neither had she got time for further studies.

Shaista Lodhi Wedding

Back in late 90’s when Shaista was attending Sindh Medical College she met with her future husband “Waqar Wahidi” and they befriended with each other. Later on, they decided to get married and their marriage ceremony took place in the year 1999. They both have three kids and in the year 2012, Shaista Lodhi got a divorce from her husband.

Her fans were eager to know the reason but she never discussed this in public. Then in the year 2015, she married for the second time to her relative “Adnan Lodhi”. The marriage ceremony was attended by family and friends. The couple was happy to tie their knots with each other and her fans were also wishing her for her future life.

Shaista Lodhi and  Adnan Lodhi

There has been some sort of a dilemma with Shaista Lodhi’s life. Since childhood Shaista and one of her cousins (who later became her husband) were best friends. Adnan Lodhi and Shaista Lodhi were always seen together all the time. The friendship soured when Shasta didn’t marry to her best friend and a cousin.

But their friendship continued and after her divorce Adnan Lodhi married to Shaista Lodhi her long life friend. In showbiz industry, she has so many friends and colleagues but Shaista prefers her brother this time as well, Sahir Lodhi. She has always expressed her gratitude to Sahir Lodhi and they both have come to each other’s morning shows.

Shaista Lodhi Dramas

she has not starred in any of the drama.

Shaista Lodhi Movies

Shaista Lodhi doesn’t show any kind of interest in the big screen.

Shaista Lodhi Showbiz Career

Shaista has always liked to present herself in live shows and she started her showbiz career as a radio anchorperson in late 90’s. According to her, she learned a lot from radio hosting and she came to understand how to handle everything, in live shows. Later on, she appeared as a newscaster for a brief period of time in a local TV channel. The very first show which was hosted by Shaista “Hum aur app barhae raast” was aired on the same channel.

Then she came to join a new trend of morning shows back in Pakistan. Her very first-morning show was “Good morning Pakistan” (aired on ARY Digital). That show got so much rating and as she was the top presenter at that time. Shaista quit ARY Digital and joined Geo Entertainment to host another morning show named “Utho jaago Pakistan”.

She hosted many shows and brought innovations, new segments into this field. But due to an incident happened on May 2014 and charges of Blasphemy were made against her. She got away from Pakistan and went on to hide for some time. In the year 2015, she came back and got the offer from a new TV show “Sitaray ki subh” on “Hum Sitaray channel”. Currently, she is hosting this show with an older zeal.

Shaista Lodhi In Morning Shows

In the year, 2015 Shaista Lodhi came to a morning show of “Nadia Khan” as a guest. Nadia is one of her rivals in morning shows and ratings of that show were overwhelming.

Shaista Lodhi Interviews

After blasphemy controversy, she hid for some time.  When she came back while talking to media personality she shared what kind of pain her family had been through over that period of time. She has defended all those allegations made against her and she said it was an incident turned into a serious conflict. Shaista says that she will continue her career as a host.


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