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Biography: Saba Qamar Wedding Is Expected Soon to Cousin


Saba Qamar Biography

The leading actress of Pakistani drama industry “Saba Qamar” was born on 5th of April 1984 in the city of Punjab Gujranwala. Saba Qamar’s childhood was spent in her grandmother’s home where she learned everything. Born and raised in a very learned family where education was the primary focus and she received early education from her native city Gujranwala.

The real name of Saba Qamar was Sabahat Qamar but she shortened it into Saba which is good in the industry. Her popularity has not just been because of acting but she has also hosted a renowned political comedy show on Geo TV “hum Sab Umeed Say Hain” since very long. Saba Qamar showed her interest in acting and modeling, not only this but she also participated in different shows in college level.

She has been active since 2004 and since then so many drama serials, films, and TV shows go to her credit. There is no doubt about her talents. Currently, she is living in Karachi due to her very busy schedule and the opportunities offered in the city of lights (Karachi). Saba Qamar has always expressed her gratitude to her family for their support specially her parents and it is justified enough.

Saba Qamar Education

Saba Qamar selfie
A selfie with co-star Farhan

According to her family sources, the early schooling of Saba Qamar was done at her grandmother’s home. After that, she went to the local school of her city and performed very well. Having completed her matriculation, she decided to join college and in the meantime her interest in the showbiz industry could easily be seen as she also participated actively in the extra circular activities.

She didn’t obtain bachelor’s degree as she was very much busy in showbiz at that time and it was almost impossible to do both things together. So she stopped her education there but Saba Qamar regrets about not getting higher education as she was very passionate about it.

Saba Qamar Wedding

This has been the mystery question about her life as she never discloses this properly in front of the media. But sources say that she is engaged to her cousin who has been working as an associate engineer in PAF. In one of the morning shows while talking about her ideal she said that she would marry a person who is a good person no matter what he does. Right now she is single and she is not planning to disclose her interest in anyone.

Saba Qamar and Hamza Ali Abbasi

There has been a lot of in the news about Saba Qamar and Hamza Ali Abbasi but she says that they are not more than good friends. People see them together in many ceremonies together and they also share good relations with each other on and off the camera. Their friendship turned into a scandal in recent past but she came openly in the media and denied everything about her and Humza Ali abbasi.

Her friendship with another leading actor of Pakistan “Ahsan Khan” does not need any sort of explanation. They both have worked together in some of the serials as well and they both enjoy each other’s company. Saba Qamar’s relationship with her female colleagues is also good as she respects each and very one but she is very close to Maya Ali (famous Pakistani showbiz personality). Saba believes in good quality friendship and she proves this in her own life.

Saba Qamar Dramas

Saba Qamar made her debut appearance in the PTV drama serial “Main Aurat Hoon”. And it was in the year 2011 and the performance of Saba in that serial alone was sufficient to prove her one of the best actresses in Pakistan. She later won the award for best TV actress in the 16th PTV awards 2011. Saba Qamar has not done so many serials the reason being her interest in modeling and hosting the shows.

Another successful serial by Saba Qamar was “Bunty I love you” (it was aired on HUM TV), fans and critics appreciated Saba Qamar very much and praised her multi-talented personality. Then in the year 2014, she starred in a couple of more serials as “Baimaan Mohabbat” in which she played her role very nicely and her reputation increased exponentially after that. Another serial in the same year came later with name “Sanaata” and they both serial aired on ARY Digital. “Dastaan” is also one of her dramas that got hit, but in which she was not leading.

She has relatively played serious roles in most of her serials but in the same year of 2014, she did comedy serial “miss Fire” (that was aired on GEO TV) and she proved her versatility once again. The serial “maat” (aired back in 2012) also brought her fame as she played the role of a girl (rather an arrogant one) who just wanted to become rich overnight. Apart from dramas her skills in hosting TV shows and most notably the political comedy show “Hum Sab Umeed say hain” needs no explanation to introduce her capabilities as a host.

Saba Qamar Movies

In 2013, Saba Qamar appeared in a first ever Pakistani film “Aina” in which she played the role of Rita and that was a good film, her performance was also good. After that debut, her second film later came on in the year 2015 and it was more of a biographical film “Manto” and she played the role of “Noor Jehan” (the legendary late Pakistani singer). That film earned her a lot of appreciation as fans went to the cinema to watch this film. Currently, there are two films in the production phase “Kambakht” and “8696” and they both are going to be released in the year 2016.

Saba Qamar In Bollywood

She has got offers from Bollywood but until now she has not accepted any of them but she is optimistic to get an offer for some good script.

Saba Qamar In Morning Shows

Saba Qamar has been the most favorite personality of the TV morning hosts. Shaista Lodhi, Sanam Jung and Noor have also invited her to their shows and the feedback of the fans over those shows was overwhelmingly good. She likes to be in morning shows.

Saba Qamar Interviews

In one of her interviews, she said that she always tried to keep herself away from scandals. And she has done pretty fine to do that as there is no serious scandal about her until now.


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