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Biography: Imran Abbas Wife Is Not Aleena Abbasi


Imran Abbas Biography

The descendants of Imran Abbas belong to India as they migrated to Pakistan after the partition and made Lahore as their new homeland. Imran Abbas has been the unique face of the Pakistani showbiz industry and all the credit goes to his multi-talented personality. He was born in Islamabad on 15th of October 1982. In his early days, he was forced to complete his education and that’s why he later went to National Arts College Lahore (a renowned institute for studying arts). This is where he started taking part in the college dramas and actually thought to see himself as an actor.

He has been actively participating in the modeling and acting since 2003. Being the youngest member of his family he has got so many privileges. The thing which a lot of people don’t think about him is that he is a poet as well and loves to write poetry as well in his spare time. In the city of Islamabad where he was raised actually played an important role in making his personality like “nature loving”.

Imran Abbas himself says that nature always fascinates him and he tries to explain this in his poetry. He has got the architecture degree from NSA Lahore, a place which actually groomed him into a complete actor. Nowadays he is mainly seen as a TV actor but recently his debut in Bollywood has made this perception false.

Imran Abbas Education

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Imran Abbas received his early education from his native city Islamabad. After completing his secondary education, he decided to move Lahore in order to get his bachelor’s degree in architecture from National Arts College. This was the make or break period of his lifetime as he had to complete his degree and also pursue his passion at the same time but he did both in the end with a success. Imran played different characters in his college dramas and he showed the talent residing in himself. His friends and colleagues knew that time that this guy was going to become one of the best actors of Pakistan which he later proved right.

Imran Abbas Wedding

It can be called the top secret, the information about his wedding but there has been some news on the internet that he has married to “Aleena Abbas”. But his official website is silent over this. As it is said that he married way back when he was not famous and it was a love marriage between aleena abbas and Imran Abbas.

Imran Abbas and Sanam Jung

Sanam Jung is a multi-talented Pakistani actress, host and she has been in the close circles of Imran Abbas. As on many occasion, Sanam Jung has expressed this fact that she has close friendly ties between her and Imran Abbas. They both can be seen together attending different ceremonies or in TV shows. They have played a serial “Alvida” against each other and this was probably the point where their friendship actually took a start. Imran Abbas has also friendly relations with many colleagues and they also appreciate his nature of respecting others.

Imran Abbas Dramas

It was back in 2007 when Imran Abbas got his first script for any drama serial. The name of the serial was “Umrao Jan” and he was going to play the central role of “Nawab sultan”. That drama serial aired on ATV and it was a success without any doubt and this is how the new face of Pakistani drama industry was introduced. After that debut, serial directors were waiting for him to sign their serials. In the same year 2007, he appeared in another successful drama serial named “Man-o-Salwa” (aired on HUM TV).

He again impressed everyone with his diversified personality and completely turned himself into the character of the play. He played a couple of roles in different serials as well (which got an appreciation as well) but the real success came later in the year 2009. When he starred in the serial “Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan” and played the role of Haider Abbas against “Sarwat Gillani”. This drama serial in which “Humayun Saeed” also appeared, gave Imran Abbas a real boost in his career. Then he continued appearing the drama serials aired on HUM TV like “Malaal”, “Noor Bano”. Then he appeared in the drama serial of “Abdullah” (which was the depiction of the famous novel by Hashim Nadeem).

He was the perfect choice for this sort of character. That drama serial was aired on GEO TV and earned him a lot of fame. In recent past, his appearance in the serial “Alvida” in which he played against “Sanam Jung” was very much appreciated by his fans.

Imran Abbas Movies

In Lollywood, he made his debut with the remake of the film “Anjuman”. He played the role of Asif in that but the film could not receive that positive feedback by the fans. Later in 2014, he got his first offer from Bollywood for playing the central role against “Bipasha Basu”. The film “Creature 3D” was released in 2014 and that performed better in the starting weekends. In 2015, he also starred in a couple of films as well like “Janisar” and “Abdullah The final witness” (screened in Cannes film festival).

Imran Abbas In Bollywood

His debut in the Bollywood was not that much explosive as the film “Creature 3D” did not bring the fans to the cinemas in big numbers. His project with the Akshay Kumar’s film “Boss” could not be completed but Imran Abbas is very much optimistic about his future in the Bollywood as expecting some strong script to play a role.

Imran Abbas In Morning Shows

He is often seen in different morning shows either for his serial promotion or an interview. But he has never hosted a morning show and he doesn’t seem to do this in coming future as well.

Imran Abbas Interviews

Talking with media personality, he once told about his unsuccessful experience in the Bollywood industry and said that it was really tough to find a good script, director, producer for any film. He says that spiritual needs are more important than the worldly needs and he is thankful to his creator for everything.



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