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7 Best Tubular Skylights Reviews


Tubular Skylights

Best Tubular Skylights ReviewsWithout energy there is nothing on earth which could sustain and light is the most widely seen and used natural energy. Natural light has always been the great source of illumination and with technological advancements we have been able to transform this energy into other forms as well. But there is one traditional use of this sunlight and it has been the practice of old civilizations as well, they made something like tubular skylights and made sure that interior of their homes could be lit up with natural light.

Since then it has been everywhere across the globe and currently so many companies are producing such tubular skylights with such perfection that you would be forced to forget the artificial lighting in your homes. Out of so many tubular skylights we have been able to gather few best for you so you could make your decision quickly and wisely. So keep reading.

7 of the Best Tubular Skylights

1. Natural Light Energy Systems 10-Inch Tubular Skylight

Best Tubular Skylights ReviewsIf you love green energy then it must be fascinating for you, this is the natural light energy systems 10 inch tubular skylight with so many unique features. The great thing about this skylight is that it could easily be installed and not to mention that it has protection mechanism against the water and there is no maintenance required whatsoever. This tubular skylight has been built in UV protection which makes sure there is no fading on clothing or furniture. In order to get rid of the moisture build up in this natural light there is condensation release system as well. This has also been certified by NFRC for energy efficiency. IT has also got 25 years of warranty.

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2. ODL Tubular Skylight Kit

Best Tubular Skylights ReviewsThis one is the ODL Tubular Skylight Kit- 10 by 10 inches and 48 inches in height and has got everything in it to light up your home with natural light. The technology used in the making of this skylight is patented optic technology and great thing is it is able to capture the sunlight at all times. The reflectivity of this tubular light is around 95 percent and it gives better illumination than the incandescent bulbs. It has also got the energy star approved and leak proof flashing. There is limited lifetime warranty with this product too. Indeed worth buying.

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3. Natural Light Energy Systems 13kxxx 13″ Solar Sky Light Kit

Best Tubular Skylights ReviewsThere are so many natural tubular skylights out there and everything with their own pros and cons. Well this is the natural skylight on which you can trust in so many ways. The natural light energy systems 13kxxx 13 inches solar sky light kit in quite reasonable price and with so many appealing features. The brand of natural light energy systems has its own standing in the field of optic natural tubular skylights industry. The illumination power given by this tubular skylight is more than enough and another great thing is that it could provide you this sort of performance during whole day. This is truly one of the best options out there.

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4. US Sunlight Solar 1914ST Radiant Skylight Tube

Best Tubular Skylights ReviewsThis is very unique sort of tubular skylight the US Sunlight Solar 1914ST Radiant Skylight Tube, 14 inches and the price of this is also considerably low as compared to others. It has got double layer ceiling lens and that is the reason why it provides better insulation as par the requirement. Well you will definitely in need of the professional installer in order to install it and it just takes couple of hours or so. With this natural skylight you will see great improvement in terms of your mood and productivity as this is the fast and hard rule that natural light has positive impact on our health.

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5. Natural Light Energy System 10KPBPSS 10″ Tubular Skylight

Best Tubular Skylights ReviewsYet another great product by natural light energy system 10KPBPSS 10 inches tubular skylight kit pitched bronze. This tubular skylight has got built in UV protection which really helps in prevention of fading on clothing and furniture. The installation of this skylight is really simple and it has got water tight structure, not to mention it is totally maintenance free. This tubular skylight has got NFRC certification for energy efficiency. This skylight has topped in terms of the number 1 choice for the home builders. There is unique condensation release system in this which really helps in not letting the moisture build up inside this.

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6. Wasco 14″ SkyTube Tubular Skylight – ST14HR

Best Tubular Skylights ReviewsThere is always a tradeoff between the price and the quality of the product and so is the case here. This one is the traditional tubular skylight with some unique features in it, the “Wasco 14 inches Skylight Tubular Skylight – ST14HR” (price of this is bit high though). Most of the times installation process of natural skylight makes it a quite difficult process but there is nothing like this for Wasco as it does not take that much time and can be installed easily. The illumination intensity given by this light is enormous and you will actually feel good about the natural light after using this for few months.

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7. VELUX TMR 014 1000 Sun Tunnel, 14″ Tubular Skylight Impact Polycarbonate Dome

Best Tubular Skylights ReviewsThis one is the VELUX TMR 014 1000 Sun Tunnel, 14 inches tubular Skylight impact polycarbonate Dome with pitched flashing and rigid tunnel. The price of this skylight is higher than most of the natural lights. It provides pitch flashing and this feature makes it really good for illumination in tunnel runs. You should not worry about the light output from this light as it has been made such as to give you the natural light during all times. Assembly and installation of this skylight is quite easy and the performance has been up to the mark. This is highly recommended and will give you better experience indeed.

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You should always go for the tubular skylight which gives you features like water tight, moisture condensation and easy installation. The illumination intensity of the light is also an important factor in measuring the overall performance but it should not be only factor, keep this in your mind.

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