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Ayesha Khan Marriage and Her Scandals


Ayesha Khan Biography

For Pakistani drama or film fans, Ayesha Khan is not a new name as they have been watching her for a very long time. Ayesha Khan was born on 27th of September 1982 and according to zodiac calendar, she is a Libra so being Libra acting is in her blood. In her family, there was none before her who worked in showbiz industry and it was the bit difficult in the initial phase when she showed her likeness towards this industry.

Ayesha Khan was born in a city of Lahore and spent her early days there as well but afterward, her family shifted from Pakistan to Canada so in that way she was raised in a foreign country. Her father was very much concerned about her education and Ayesha didn’t disappoint him and got good grades in schools. Her parents have different descendants as father belongs to typical Punjabi family where the mother is a Pathan but she has enjoyed mixed cultural values in her family.

After spending much time in Canada, her family again switched from there to Abu Dhabi where she continued her education. Ayesha Khan started as a model as most of the people do and in early 2000, she got some really good roles in drama serials as well. Her biggest hit was the serial aired on PTV “Mehndi” and from there she became the household name in all over the Pakistan.

Ayesha Khan Education

Ayesha Khan selfie
Ayesha Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi

In early 2000 when she was involved in her very successful PTV drama serial “Mehndi”, after her performance she got back to Canada in order to complete her graduation. This shows how much she was attached to her education and set an example to other actresses. After getting graduation degree, she decided to come back to Pakistan and not pursue education further. Later on, she confessed many times that education is needed for the showbiz personalities. Don’t forget her early education was also done in Canada and Abu Dhabi.

Ayesha Khan Wedding

According to the family sources, Ayesha Khan is still single but there have been many rumors about her getting married to, “Humayun Saeed” (another veteran actor of Pakistani showbiz industry). The news of her marriage was telecasted from a renowned news channel but she soon appeared and talked to media with Humayun Saeed and clarified everything.

She made it very clear that they both have been very good friends and there is nothing like that going to happen. About her marriage, she has said several times that she has been focused on her career for the time being and she would publicly come to media to personally announce her marriage.

Ayesha Khan and Humayun Saeed

The friendship between Ayesha Khan and Humayun Saeed has produced so many speculations in recent past over their typical relationship. After the false rumors of their marriage, they are still with each other and still very nice friends, They have appeared on many morning shows together and have showed respect to each other as Ayesha Khan thinks Humayun Saeed to be one of the great actors in Pakistan.

Ayesha Khan’s first ever successful drama serial “Mehndi” also saw these two together and recently they appeared in a Pakistan comedy film “Jawani Phir Nhi Aani” (which broke many records back in Pakistan). So their friendship has become a proverb in showbiz industry of  Pakistan and they have learned a lot being with each other.

Ayesha Khan Dramas

The year 2003 was actually the debut year of Ayesha Khan when she made her first appearance in the drama serial “Tum yahi kehna” but this drama serial wasn’t that much successful. After her first serial, she starred in a super hit drama serial named “Mehndi” (aired on PTV). Her performance was appreciated very much in that serial and she became the favorite choice of the director’s overnight. Ayesha khan then did a couple of more successful serials like “manay na ye dil” and “Khamoshiyan” and they were both aired on HUM TV (the popular entertainment channel back in Pakistan).

In the year 2009, she played the fictional character of “Zari” against Nauman Ijaz and Imran Abbas (both are vets in drama industry of Pakistan). And that drama serial got her popularity increased as well. In recent past, she has done serials like “Mehram”, “shuk” and “Tumhare siwa” and the good thing about all those serials is that she looks good in all sort of characters. Since her debut she has been one of the busiest actresses in the industry and fans just love to see her in different roles.

Ayesha Khan Movies

The Pakistani film industry is in a revival phase and Ayesha Khan’s role cannot be denied in this whole process. She first appeared in a Pakistani hit film “Waar” (released back in 2013) and her performance in that film was good enough to make her silver screen actress. Another Pakistani hit came later in the year 2015 when Ayesha Khan starred in the comedy film “jawani Phir Nhi Aani” and she just justified with her character more than anyone else. Currently, she is optimistic to appear in upcoming Pakistani films as well so fans should not lose hope.

Ayesha Khan In Bollywood

Until now she has not performed in any of the Bollywood films but of course, she has got offers from there.

Ayesha Khan In Morning Shows

Ayesha Khan is the favorite personality for many morning show hosts as she has appeared in many of them and her interviews get so many positive reviews. Her morning show with Sanam Jung got so many hidden stories out of the secret. Nadia Khan also invited her in morning show to show her fans bit extra knowledge about her. She also loves being in morning shows.

Ayesha Khan Interviews

In one of the interviews, Ayesha Khan said that she would never work in Bollywood. The reasons for this statement are unknown but one could easily predict that she is more interested in doing Pakistani projects rather than going outside and showing her talents over there.



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