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Ahsan Khan Wife, Kids, Brother and Showbiz Life


Ahsan Khan Biography

One of the busiest actors in the Pakistani showbiz industry “Ahsan Khan” is actually a British born actor. He was born on 9th of the October in 1981 in the city of London. He is Libra according to the zodiac calendar. But his family shifted from London to Lahore (their native town) to get settled here permanently. Ahsan khan is the only person amongst his siblings to have joined this industry his other siblings are two brothers and two younger sisters “Qamar” and “Mehar”.

Ahsan khan has been very much involved in the extra circular activities since his childhood and that actually taught him how to change huge work simultaneously. He has been raised in the city of Lahore. After completing his matriculation and college education from the local institutes of Lahore and he decided to join the showbiz industry in the year 1998 when he was just 17 years old and with that debut film “Nikkah” he really got a start what he needed. His wife and kids consider him to be a very nice person having a humorous personality.

Ahsan Khan Education

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Due to his interest in the acting and all of the stuff he didn’t continue his education and according to his family sources he has just completed his college degree. He received his early education from England as his childhood was spent there upon returning back to Pakistan he got admitted I the local institute of Lahore.

Ahsan Khan Wedding

Ahsan Khan has been amongst the very few actors in the showbiz industry who have been married before attaining the high fame. He got married to one of his cousins “Fatima Khan”. Right now they have three children “Sukaina”, “Akbar”  and another son (name isn’t confirmed yet) and the couple is living a very prosperous life.

Ahsan Khan and Saba Qamar

There are some iconic figures in Pakistani drama industry, Saba Qamar and Ahsan khan are two of them. They have been in a friendly relationship and they both could be seen together in many parties. According to them, friendship requires some real good qualities to continue with and they think that their relationship is based on mutual respect. Saba Qamar has also shown her gratitude to Ahsan Khan and she has said that apart from friendship she has learnt a lot from Ahsan Khan in terms of acting as well.

Ahsan Khan Dramas

The career of Ahsan khan in drama industry sted long time ago and he is most probably the most experienced actor in Pakistani showbiz industry. According to the records his very first appearance was in the successful film of that time “Nikkah” and that’s how he got into this showbiz industry. But it was not until 2004 when he got the leading roles like his very first leading role in the serial “Ana” (aired on GEO TV in 2004). 2005 also saw him in a good position as he did couple of really good serials like “Safaid posh”, “Mehndi wale haath” and not to forget his great performance in the PTV serial “barson Baad”. With the start of the year, 2009 Ahsan Khan played a role of “Rehaan” which was aired on one of the entertainment channels of Pakistan “HUM TV”. In previous five to six years he has almost done more than 20 serials and in all of them, he played the central role.

Ahsan khan serial back in 2010 “Dastaan” got really much positive appreciation from the fans and they loved him in the character of Saleem (which was fictional). In the year 2011 he played a great many roles in the serials “Pani jesa piyar”, “Takkay ki ayegi baraat”, “Love, Life aur Lahore” and not to forget the “Neeyat” in which he played the role of Ismail. He did marvelous characters in the year 2012 and 13 but the most popular serial of all of them was “Mirat ul uroos” and he was playing the role of Hashim in that (the serial aired on GET TV) against “Mehwish Hayat” (who is another veteran actress of drama industry). Currently, he is starring in “Udaari” which is being aired on HUM TV and there are so many to come in this year as well.

Ahsan Khan Movies

Unlike most of the other Pakistani TV actors Ahsan Khan has starred in a lot of many films and his film profile has got equal weight age as his drama profile has. He made his debut with the film “Ghunghat” (back in 1996) and that received positive feedback from the audience. Then there was his successful film “Nikah” and that gave him the huge motivation to work consistently in the showbiz industry. In recent past, he has appeared in the films like “Ishq khuda” (2013), “Dil mera dharkan teri” (2013), “Sultanat” (2014), “Chupan Chupai” (2016). So this proves his versatility as an actor and cinema fans just like to watch him on a big screen as well.

Ahsan Khan In Bollywood

He got offers from Bollywood as most of the actors get but he could not find any strong script which suited him the best so there hasn’t been any single film until now in which he has starred in Bollywood.

Ahsan Khan In Morning Shows

Ahsan Khan is very much fond of morning shows and he has appeared in shows of “Good Morning Pakistan” hosted by Nida Yasir. Ahsan Khan has also come to the morning show hosted by Sanam Jung (the leading morning show host of Pakistan) and he has given them full biographical interviews as well.

Ahsan Khan Interviews

While talking about his debut film “Nikkah” he expressed that it was his calculated decision to start his career with films and him said that he was really much successful as a film actor too and he is very much optimistic right now to get back the Pakistani film industry from here to again there building phase.


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